Automica (volume 1)

Automica was a project where each illustration was drawn with the intent of individual reading and no set order. Only after all the images were completed was the final page order decided.

Initially there was little story between the pieces, but as more were drawn, a narrative started to emerge from my subconscious that I actively started pursuing.

I simply wanted to draw what was comforting to me at the time: Robots in various states and places. After the image was completed I decided on a caption that I thought reflected the emotions present in the piece.

There is a depth to the world I created that I hope readers can decipher with multiple readings.

Its become a world that I revisit in different work at various times. Somewhere where I can poignant stories, with these characters and world. I believe there are a lot of things I can say with Sad Robots.

I printed a physical book that is for sale in my Zine Shop Here. The book is read in a landscape format to perserve the detail of each piece.