I’m Eli Tripoli. I live in Seattle Washington. I’m an Cartoonist and Illustrator trying to find Artistic Identity.

I graduated from the Evergreen State College with an Bachelors in Arts in 2012 and studied at The University of Hyogo in Kobe Japan from 2011-2012.

My Art Experience includes Image-Manipulation/Correction,
Print Making, Composition, Thermal Image Design, Graphic Design, Concept Art, Photography, Animation Illustration and Cartooning

I continually work in small press printing in the Pacific Northwest.
Regular contributor to the Seattle Dune Zine and drawing Jam.

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Featured artist in the Seattle Review of Books

Conventions I’ve tabled at include Vancaf, Emerald City Comicon, ShortRun Comics & Art Festival, Exterminator City, Olympia Comic Fest and the Portland Zine Symposium

My personal Tumblr is

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I post “Daily” about Dune on my Dune blog, Daily Dune.

I curate a Dune Fan-zine as well:

Fish Speakers Dune Zine

Questions, Comments, Jobs?
Contact me at Elitripoli@gmail.com